Saturday, March 1, 2008

As an avid 'net surfer I find the coolest stuff. Well, that's what the Internet is all about, right? :)

I found this article about achievement and having patience to get there. That's what it takes to become healthy and fit. Almost all weight loss clients, pills, exercising systems, etc. what you to believe that they can deliver PDQ, banking (literally) on desperation.

Allow this poignant article to set you straight.

Rome Wasn't Built Overnight

Perseverance and commitment will make all your dreams come true.

Success comes about from doing and persevering. While others may let their dreams fall away, if you hold true to your dreams and commit to the work it takes to obtain your dreams you cannot fail. You will reach all your dreams.

As they say “Rome was not built over night”. Anything worth anything takes time to build, to grow and to become something really great. If you have a best friend, that friendship took time to bloom. It took many different moments spent together. It took being there for the other person through the good and bad times.

This can metaphorically be compared to the path you must take when you are working toward the career of your dreams. There will be moments when it will be difficult. But if you love your dream enough, you will stay true to it no matter what trials come along. It is my sincere belief that the only way you can stay true to a dream is to love it with your entire heart.

So search for inspiration on your path toward making your dreams a reality. There will be tough times and you will need all the positive energy you can find around you to keep you on your path. You deserve to have all your dreams come true and, thus, you deserve to have people and events in your life that will help you reach them. Do not sell yourself short. Do not settle for anything less than the complete beauty found in your dreams.

You must also keep yourself open to the beauty that other people can offer you. You must not let some people's negative energy keep you from the positive energy that can also be found. While there will always be people who might not be able to lift your spirits, there are plenty of people in the world who can and are eager to give love and kindness to all those who cross their path. You can find them. They are the true angels that will always fill your life.

Believe, believe, believe.


What's It Going To Take?
Axil Rose told me 'Patience.'

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