Friday, February 29, 2008

Get With Your Program

Here's the kind of blog posts I like--lists! Follow this list and you'll have WHAT IT TAKES!

And there's plenty of other good reads here too.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Want To Cut Out the Middle Man?

Sometimes I get lured into purchasing fitness or nutrition ebooks by all the 'free' stuff they offer. Some of it can be better than the rehash ebook. Then I found this toolbar that helps me find pdf files. It google-like searches for the title I take from their 'freebie'. Sneaky...yes! But it's free to begin with. :/

So, here's a free ebook and you don't even have to purchase the regurgitated nutritional/diet. :)

And let me tell you this, because this is exactly what my blog is about; these are NOT secrets. Like 'eat breakfast' is not a damn secret!! Sheesh. Thank goodness it's free. Maybe someone out there has been asleep at the wheel and will actually be enlightened by these 'secrets.' And if so, shame on you!!!

My next entry is going to go over somebody's ebook pointers. You know, the bulletpoints that they tell you that they are going to cover in their book. I don't even have to purchase the book (and I haven't or will I) to tell you, for FREE what the points are. Don't spend your money on lame ebooks.

If you want to get something that has something to teach you, get my bud, Scott Toursignant's ebook. Not a rehash, not old-school crap, and nothing lame about what this man's a-preachin' and a-teachin'. He's the real deal. And get over to his blog too. I love it over there!

What's It Going To Take?

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Do You Drink Your Greens?

The purpose of my blog is to share with those interested in fitness, losing weight and health. And because there is so much BS out there I want to rat those rats out.

This product isn't necessarily bad. It just tastes bad! However, the bottle said 'Great Taste.' Compared to what? Sewer water with scum in it? Blech!!!

I purchased Renew! Liquid Greens. The Perfect Cleansing Companion. From RenewLife.

It was green all right but the taste was so hard to get past I dreaded taking my shot of it every morning. I'm too frugal to waste it because I do believe that the product is good for me. But it's not making it onto my 'let's do again' list.

Thirty servings. I did this for a month. Well, I could be cheating because 1) I used a Tequila shot glass each morning and that tends to be a tad bigger than a true ounce. And 2) now that I have the bottle up here with me in my office, there might be one semi-serving left. Left being the operable word. Uhhhmmm.....

Great ingredients: spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, chorella, kelp, spinach, green tea extract, alfalfa, aloe leaf, olive leaf, broccoli, tomato, carrot, brussel sprouts and onion. You'd think it was a liquid salad. But it also had some orange and passion extract too. Too bad it didn't help with the taste.

It was worth a shot (30 of them to be exact) and I am sure my body got lots of good out of it. Just not worth punishing my tongue in the process. I have had much better greens than this. And I plan to go back to them.

Other products have been wonderful and I wholeheartedly endorse them. Just not this one. You can order their products from their website or from the Vitamin Shoppe, where I picked this one up.

Rating: it had all the right stuff and all the good things for my body but too much of a dread factor to keep with it.

I'm cheerfully looking forward to the next try.

Take care,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What Are You Going To Wear in The Meantime?

We know damn well that the road to fitness (aka looking hot) is long. And that's part of what my blog is about; we are not idiots that believe we can go to bed overweight and wake up to wear a a size 6.

However, we certainly can dress for the trip. Check out these simple strategies for looking thin. Yes, I've heard of them before but if you are serious and want to do what it takes you have to have some redundancy. Heed the tips and appear hotter....

I get a 'how to' article every day on my Google landing page. It's fun to learn some new things and some I just press PASS! Like how to wash golf balls.

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