Friday, February 22, 2008

Want To Cut Out the Middle Man?

Sometimes I get lured into purchasing fitness or nutrition ebooks by all the 'free' stuff they offer. Some of it can be better than the rehash ebook. Then I found this toolbar that helps me find pdf files. It google-like searches for the title I take from their 'freebie'. Sneaky...yes! But it's free to begin with. :/

So, here's a free ebook and you don't even have to purchase the regurgitated nutritional/diet. :)

And let me tell you this, because this is exactly what my blog is about; these are NOT secrets. Like 'eat breakfast' is not a damn secret!! Sheesh. Thank goodness it's free. Maybe someone out there has been asleep at the wheel and will actually be enlightened by these 'secrets.' And if so, shame on you!!!

My next entry is going to go over somebody's ebook pointers. You know, the bulletpoints that they tell you that they are going to cover in their book. I don't even have to purchase the book (and I haven't or will I) to tell you, for FREE what the points are. Don't spend your money on lame ebooks.

If you want to get something that has something to teach you, get my bud, Scott Toursignant's ebook. Not a rehash, not old-school crap, and nothing lame about what this man's a-preachin' and a-teachin'. He's the real deal. And get over to his blog too. I love it over there!

What's It Going To Take?

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