Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Are We REALLY Talking About Cussin'????

I'm here to tell I have blown it; I lost!! I made a bet with my husband that we would give up cussing. I did this mainly because I'm a real cusser now. And it's only fair to tell you that my parents didn't allow cussing (from the children) so I had been trained better than that.

My sweet husband rarely cusses. And when he so rarely does, he says that 'pardon my French' phrase. I don't know why because when he lived in Europe after college he only spent 24 hours in France! LOL!

Anyway, I cussed and lost. I'm glad we didn't have any bets on that one. Phew!!! :)

Well, do you think since I blew that resolution I should just throw in the towel? Maybe I should go ahead and put a cuss word into every sentence. I could blame it on the state of the country; we ALL cuss!!! So, it's not my fault. I can't help myself. Why there are cuss words every were I look. There's one on every corner of the street and I actually believe people line up at a building's window to get cussed at or to give a cussing.

I really do try. I wake up each morning saying 'This is the day I'm NOT going to cuss.' I even will get a new outfit that helps me not cuss, a new magazine that has cuss-less people on the front of it and even spend $24.95 on 3 easy payments for something on TV to help eliminate my cussing. I'm sure if I really take it to heart I, too, won't cuss.

But I might as well face it. My parents cussed. My whole family cusses. And frankly, I LIKE to cuss. My doctor said I shouldn't cuss because it's not healthy. And she even gave me a prescription (Valium!!!) to help me not cuss or to at least keep my cussing under control.

This group I've joined is called Cussers Anonymous. I thought it would help me not cuss but between breaks we all go outside and cuss up a storm!!!

One day I was doing good. No cussing!!! I thought I was successful. I thought I was no longer a cusser. Therefore, I didn't have to try anymore. So on the way out the door that morning I locked my keys in the house (it really was an accident, not at all subconscious or anything) and then I cussed. Even worse, I cussed out LOUD!!! My neighbor heard me too. He was taking his little girl to school and well, he gave me one of the dirtiest looks. I felt shameful because I know he doesn't cuss. Otherwise his little girl wouldn't have stuck her tongue out at me.

I'm a failure. So SHIT....

What's It Going To Take?

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