Sunday, December 30, 2007

There's A Coach That You Must Meet

Who else is gearing up to GET FIT (that's going to encompass it all, in one fell swoop) and DO WHAT IT'S GOING TO TAKE in 2008??

Can you see me over here...I'm raising my hand, jumping up and down in my seat. Do I see you over there raising your hand? How are you doing it...jumping up and down with the Horshack 'ouuu, ouuu' motion? (You gotta be someone who watched TV in the '70's to 'get' that one ;) )
or, are you reluctantly lifting your arm and even that seems like exercise? Hmmmm... And, I'm telling you, just plain furgitabout if someone else is raising your hand.

I have a couple of guys that I selected to help me out. It's fair to say that I have spent about the last quarter of this year researching not only a program that's right for me but checking out the CREATORS of those programs too.

I need LOTS of support. Are you self-propelled or do you need someone knowledgable to be your fitness/health GPS system? Well, my coaches have to give me LOTS of pats on the back, emails that seem personal (some of the people I tried to contact sent me auto responder stuff that wasn't even set up correctly to put my 'real' name in opened with Dear {insert name here} wording) and have a program that I can tweak along with my coach BUT not tweak it to where twinkies are a part of it. ;)

Here's where I'm going to introduce you to Scott Tousignant. He has introduced me to a program that made me go....yea..yea, I CAN do that and I CAN stay with that and I SEE how this will get me into shape. IT'S GOT WHAT IT TAKES!!!!!

It wouldn't be fair to not mention his wife, Angie. I'll have to ask her if she's an accomplice or a willing participate but she poses in a sexy workout outfit on their blog to show you her results! (YOU GO, GIRL!!) And it's all in the scheme of showing you that they, personally, do what it takes to be in shape. But the kicker for me was that they are what I call the 'REAL PEOPLE.' Not some celebrity endorsing the latest and greatest. I feel like I have gone over to their house and they are taking me through my program.

Go here and check out what I'm talking about. Look around the site like you are investigating something really special; you want to know what it's all about, right? Then do that...look around there!!! :)

And I learned enough stuff on his blog to gear me up for the big 'What's It Going To Take!'

How about you....ready to do WHAT IT'S GOING TO TAKE????

Til next time,

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