Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yep, I Have Been on the Naughty List

This is exactly why I created this blog; too many folks just fall off the fitness wagon.

Now I'm asking myself, What's It Going To Take?? Do I need to gain back all my weight I lost this year first before getting back in gear? Do I wait til none of my clothes fit any more? Should I just wait til January 1 because we all KNOW that's a magical day to start new things. LOL!!!!

Well, for me it has been falling into depression and thus, falling off the fitness wagon. After struggling with it for over a year I finally admitted I could not 'fix' it myself. Interestingly enough, when I started taking anti-depressants in October, that's when I didn't feel like exercising anymore. Hmmmmmm.....I wonder if there's a CONNECTION!!! ;) More on that subject on a later date. :/

If this scenerio were to happen to a client of mine or a friend, I'd advise them to get someone to help motivate them; a personal cheerleader. Because if a doctor got sick and couldn't aid herself, wouldn't you think she'd see another doctor? If a mechanic had a hard time with fixing his car, he'd ask a buddy who might be able to help him. Sometimes we just need to reach out a hand to someone who gives a damn (and in the case of some, you have to pay for it as in a therapist) and see if you can get back on the right track.

And, that's what I'm going to do. Wait, 'going to do' means I will do it but in no specified time. That's just more lame talk on my part. I actually have enlisted the help of a couple of people. One, I'm seeing a therapist for the depression and two, I am working with two fitness experts to give me a hand back up on the fitness wagon (phoey on that!!! I don't want a wagon, I want a Mercedes!!!).

I won't be getting into it too much this time about my rowdy fitness boys just yet but let me say that there are a LOT of people YOU can choose from in the fitness field to help you. Overwhelming to say the least.

And how do you know they are worth a hill of beans? Same goes for my therapist...she was the one on the hot seat when we first met because truthfully, I was hiring HER to help me manage my MENTAL health. Right???? And the same goes for my two fitness coaches.

Nevertheless, you have got to really feel out all this stuff to know who is right for YOU. Luckily, I asked around at the fitness forums and groups I hang with. Many of the members there I consider very, very good friends even though I have only personally met a few of them. But after over 5 years of talking more than once a day to many of them, I'd say we know each other. :D And folks, word of mouth is the BEST form of advertisement ever. Even better than the Super Bowl commercials. LOL!!! (No one really remembers the commercials that were on that night when Janet Jackson decided to ADVERTISE!!! LOL! :p ) So, my friends have my ear when they tell me that something is working or not working for them. Also, I am stingy at times and let them go first so I don't waste my money. LOL!

And, I guess, that would make them real-life testamonials for me. I KNOW these people and they tell me if it's worth a hoot. Not a nameless, now pretty, weepy-eyed former fat girl that gets emotional when she tells me how a magical yellow shirt helped her loose 400# in just 5 weeks. (Just realize that...right???...Cuz I do actually know a few of those testamonial folks and the ones I know are for real. But the yellow shirt is just something that's in the testing stages right now ;) )

And so, I'm rallying up my buds and finding out just what is it going to take to get me back on track. What's working for them and do they think it will do me any good. And more than just a handful have given me recommendations on two guys that are now my fitness coaches or as I fondly call them the 'whipper-upper' boys. ;p I can't keep them all to myself so I'll be sharing them with you next time.


'The Now-What' definition: The deflated feeling you experience after doing everything for your body-exercising, eating right-but nothing for your mind and spirit. -Seane Corn, yogini

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