Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ready For A Road Trip?

Next weekend I'm going on a Road Trip. And not just a regular road trip. This is an annual one to a mega of fitness. Video fitness, to be exact. Cathe Friedrich hosts this road trip. And I think she's going to bust my butt!

Go to to check out her videos. This is NOT your Jane Fonda stuff. This is serious home fitness, folks. Definitely something to work up to. And to aspire to, as well. I credit doing Cathe's kickboxing workouts to getting rid of those fatty pads I had sitting right above my butt. I did her kickboxing every Monday during a winter and by February my torso looked a lot longer.

I was introduced to Cathe's workouts almost 5 years ago. I joined a video fitness forum and some of the other members were talking about her workouts. I, naively bought some way before I was able to do them. I knew she was for the advanced exerciser so I got what was her easiest workout at that time. I think my brain ended up with more of a workout than my body did.

Now, as a fairly advanced intermediate exerciser, I can do her workouts and have a blast. It would have been so easy to have thrown in the towel after doing her workouts the first few times. However, I was determined to join in on the talk on the forum about doing a Cathe workout.

So I'm gearing up to finally meet a fitness idol. As one of her famous sayings goes, I'm 'getting my game face on.' And that is the motto for our 2007 Road Trip.

What would it take for you to get your game face on?

Talk to ya later,


1 comment: said...

Great writing Kimberly! Rob keeps asking me why I haven't gone on a Cathe Road Trip & I keep telling him I'm waiting until I'm in shape - lol!